New Jersey Judgment Collection Agency, Judgment Recovery, Judgment Purchase

All TOWNE JUDGMENT ENFORCEMENT & PROCESS SERVICE is a company which enforces or purchases your New Jersey judgment in its entirety according to it’s asset value, which is great alternative to the enforcement of judicial judgments on your own or by a collection agent or collection agency.

Our New Jersey judgment recovery method includes serving, garnishing, levying the judgment debtor, reporting to the Credit Bureau and enforcing the judgment and at times, our employ of an attorney. We are able to service your Judgment Collection needs in New Jersey while using resources and team effort where required to get past the obstacles a debtor will place in your way to prevent you from collecting a NJ judgment.

Collecting a Judgment?

Judgment collection is not easy. Although you may do it yourself, you should use skilled professionals to collect judgment in New Jersey as there are certain procedures to follow.

Most Judgment Holders

especially those with Small Claims judgments, are forced to go after the Debtor themselves. A lot of work is involved and the courts provide little to help. A practicable alternative to doing it yourself or hiring an attorney is a Judgment Recovery company.


is the satisfaction of your judgment!
We accomplish this goal by relentless effort in the enforcement of your judgment. We use the latest industry resources, credit reports & skip trace tools to help us to succeed in recovering your money.



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