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If you have a valid New Jersey court awarded judgment of $5,000 or more, we will use every method legally allowed to recover the full amount of the unpaid judgment plus the interest that has accrued since the judgment was awarded.

We will track the judgment debtor down even if he or she has moved to another state. We have access to both private and public databases that allow us to ‘skip-trace’ the debtor and to locate any assets that he or she may have.

As allowed by law, we will garnish wages, attach bank accounts, and seize assets as necessary. If possible, we will try to do so without any notification or confrontation.

We do not charge an application fee nor require you to cover any expenses. We have a number of options to collect your money.

For a Free Evaluation, please complete the short application.

It would also be helpful to send us a copy of the judgment order itself as it contains a lot of necessary information. Your judgment may be faxed to 888-520-7847

We will review your case and get back to you as quickly as possible. There is absolutely no obligation on your part.

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