Lawyer Won’t Collect My Judgment

Lawyer Won't Collect My Judgment

If you are reading this, it is most likely you were Awarded a Court Judgment in New Jersey. Many people or businesses hire an attorney or collection agency to collect their unpaid invoice, services rendered or for a number of civil reasons.

Collection efforts have failed and you decided to take them to court. You may have paid a lawyer an hourly fee or on a contingency basis to represent you in court seeking a money judgment. If your attorney was hired hourly or by a flat fee, once you receive the Judgment in New Jersey the attorney has performed his contractual obligation in most cases. He has no obligation to recover or Enforce a Judgment for you. The Lawyer may attempt judgment collection for a fee or portion of the amount recovered however; many seem to rather move on to their next case.

If your agreement to obtain a Court Awarded Judgment was on a contingency basis, the lawyer may be more so inclined to enforce your judgment so he/she may collect the portion due them. But, do not expect extreme efforts as if they feel they are “spinning their wheels” with little or no hope of collecting your judgment, efforts will dwindle or cease.

We Enforce Judgments in New Jersey, our motivation is to be paid once we collect your judgment. In many cases you will have no upfront costs or minimal fee to cover court fees required for us to obtain the legal status to proceed. We also can assist your attorney in collecting the judgment or use our attorney. Each judgment debtor is different as to available assets or our ability to locate bank accounts and the like.

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New Jersey Judgment Collection

When you are awarded a judgment in a New Jersey Court, that is only the beginning. Now you have to convince the Debtor to pay you. Most likely, he won’t give you a dime. Or may offer some payments and make a few, but sooner or later you will be forgotten and that is where we come in.

We will take the assignment of judgment from you and do all the legal work to have the “Attorney of Record” changed so that you may assign it and we may enforce the judgment in New Jersey.
We need to locate assets, garnish wages, Levy property and bank accounts. This is not an easy task, as most judgment debtors will hide their assets.


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